Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Domino: Tune Take 2

Domino gets a tune.

Here is a picture for Domino's first tune at PRE in Portland.  It went down maybe 2 months ago now?  The end result was the header gaskets blew out.  I think it made something like 330 WHP.  With atmospheric correction for the day, it was something more like 346 WHP.

Since then we fixed her up and finished installing the DCCDpro.  Teryn took her back to PRE like a week or so ago to get a retune.  We made a bit more progress.  This was the final tune result on EJ207.  Maybe this is the best we can do on a stock EJ207.  It is 2.0l after all, but Erich (PRE's tuner) thought maybe it was being held back by fueling..like the fuel filter needs to be replaced.  Honestly I don't know how much of a difference that would make.

The great news is that the motor is super healthy.  I think the motor will need more attention though, if we are to make bigger numbers.  The turbo can get us there, but the 2.0l isn't flow enough in stock form.  Cams would help push the turbo more the tuner said.  I think 79mm crank could be in order as well. :)  But, for now, this is where she'll stay.

I haven't even really had much of a chance to even drive and enjoy the car in its current state.  It didn't seem to pull super hard in 1st, but it felt a lot crazier in all of the rest of the gears.  The CM chassis is fairly light after all. :)

Relevant Power Mods:
- Stock Version 8 EJ207 motor (JDM 2003 STI)
- Stock exhaust manifold
- Steam STX 71 Twin Scroll Turbo (59 lbs/min)
- Custom 3" turbo back catless exhaust
- Perrin Big MAF intake
- Custom FMIC with a huge bar and plate core
- SteamSpeed 3-port EBCS
- ID 1000 top feed injectors
- Walbro 255 lph fuel pump
- Stock fuel rails, etc.

Tune done at PREracing at Portland OR by Erich on 92 octane WA gas.