Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Unicorn Mod: Airbag Delete

Not normally seen on this side of the pond, what you see below is the rare LHD "airbag delete" mod.  USDM cars came with passenger airbags in their later GC8 cars.  EDM (European Domestic Market) cars did not.  Instead they had this extra dash glove box.

I was finally able to find a good source for these in Dubai UAE of all places with reasonable prices too.

For your reference, here are the Subaru Europe part numbers:
66203FC130 - REINF (UPR PKT) L
66203FC120 - REINF (UPR PKT) R

Sigh....there was no way around it; you actually have to take the the dash out to remove the airbag brackets and install the pocket.  Also, we ended up not using the reinforcement brackets.  They have to be riveted onto the back of the box, and I didn't have any rivets on hand that would work.  The 8 black screws to the dash seemed like more than enough to keep the box secure though.

Here is the dash back in.

Not pictured, but we wired up the DCCDpro to the JDM v6 STI cluster and removed the airbag error bulb on the cluster since it would always stay because there is no airbag computer or airbags for that mater in this car.