Thursday, October 8, 2015

Two Steps Backward, One Step Forward

We went from Domino being for the most part buttoned up, to this.

The car was driving great, but we had two problems: OCV codes were thrown, and the ECU wasn't programming with EcuFlash.  OCV valves drive the AVCS cam timing system.  With the codes, we can't use the variable cam timing that AVCS provides.  The programming voltage was frustrating.  EcuFlash will not program if the voltage pin 11 is not exactly 12v.  We were reading like 11.2v.

What is the solution, take apart the wiring loom and figure it out.  That meant taking apart the interior again. :(  First redid all of the splices related to pin 11.  The voltage was still low.  Then we split open the whole loom.  Eventually (after a lot of looking) we found a black wire with a red stripe.  Confusingly the wiring diagrams say that it is both supposed to have 12v and also be grounded.  Eventually we found that there were two black and red wired in the loom, so one was supposed to have 12v, and the other was supposed to be grounded.  We figured out that the loose one was supposed to be grounded.  We grounded it, and just like that the ECU programmed!  Also, all of the OCV faults were gone too!


Now that all of the wiring is fixed, Domino can get a tune.  We are very near now to having Domino being a real fully functioning car.

Next up:
- Put the interior back together
- Get a tune
- Do the DCCDpro wiring
- Fix gas tank venting
The interior is back together, and now we back to where we started!  Notice the missing hole in the dashboard?  Hopefully I will be getting a EDM glove box from Italy soon.  :)

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