Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Domino's Tune at PRE

With the wiring all sorted out, it was time to get a tune.  I booked a tune a PRE in Portland.  There were a few minor build snags to start: there wasn't enough waste gate preload, and the EBCS vacuum lines were in the wrong order.  With those small items, Domino started building power.

But, it was not to last.  Shortly thereafter, Domino developed a nasty preturbo exhaust leak.  She did make it two 325 WHP on the dyno sheet and was on her way hit the 360-400 WHP range.  Note these are uncorrected numbers.  The atmosperic correction for the day in Portland was 106.8% if you care about that which means the real number would be about 347 WHP.

By the time I got Domino home, the exhaust manifold gaskets were destroyed, and there were only 2 bolts left keeping it on the motor.  We have new OEM bolts which we will apply with some kind of thread sealer next time with new OEM gaskets.  I hope that the manifold to up-pipe gasket does not start to leak, because I can't get an OEM one here in the US for the twinscroll manifold.

We also gave PRE an STX 71 for testing a while back, and it actually got tuned that afternoon as well.  PRE wanted to do a Steam STX turbo day!  The tuner got 370 WHP on the 2015 STI before he stopped.  He said there was probably about another 40 WHP left in the turbo, but he did not want to push the customer's stock block past 400 WHP.  He told me that he hasn't tuned another turbo that could make that much power on pump gas using a stock style inlet.  So, for corrected numbers that would be 395 WHP when he stopped, and 438 WHP with the power left on the table.

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