Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Project Saabaru: New Wheels

After owning my SAAB 92x Aero (aka Saabaru) since new (about 10 years now).  I finally broke down, and replaced my stock 16" wheels.  I went with the Enkei PF01s (18"x8.5") which actually are a very similar style to the stock wheel also made by Enkei.

I finally broke down because: for some reason, one of our part distributors we use at SteamSpeed has really cheap prices on Enkei wheels, if I take my 92x to events representing SteamSpeed other people care about the wheels, and I needed new tires anyway.


New test fitted:

My 92x in the U-Distirct with the new wheels and tires:

But, am I that guy now?  You know the one with the old car with old paint, and shiny new wheels trying to compensate for having an old car?

Here is the final look.  It is fairly close to the stock wheel, except a larger size that actually looks good.  It is still kind of sleeper looking but more aggressive, just how I like it.

I was told to not be lazy, so I cleaned up my headlights while I was at it.

Now that my car looks presentable, I added a SteamSpeed logo.  Too bad the D didn't fit all the way on the glass.

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