Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Project Domino: She's Alive!

Major milestone, we've managed to have the motor running.  What this means is the wiring is now all sorted out, and we managed to hook up the last fuel lines.  We only ran the motor for a few seconds because that is about all that is hooked up.  :)  With that said, we actually don't have a lot of major things to do to have Domino rolling around on her own power.

Things left before Domino is a working car:

  • Cooling system
    • Remaining coolant lines need to be hooked up
    • Needs to be filled
  • Power steering
    • Lines need to be connected to the pump
    • Reservoir needs to be secured
    • Filled up
  • Add gear oil to transmission and diff
  • Intake pipes
    • Last two IC pipes need to be hooked up
    • BOV installed
    • Intake installed
  • Chassis bolts need to be double checked against correct torque specs.  They should already be there, but we'll double check.
  • Install downpipe and catback
  • Reinstall interior
  • Relocate battery to trunk
  • Reattach a few body components
That might be enough to take Domino to get some licence plates.  Obviously there will be a lot more to do after that, but our next goal is to get her registered.

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