Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Proyecto Domino: GrimmSpeed Adir Oil Separator Review

I got around to installing the GrimmSpeed air oil separator.  We used this same piece on our last project car as well.  I like it because it doesn't take up a lot of space and uses the oil filler to return the oil back into the system.  I also like it because it didn't prevent our last project car from making power.  It seems to "work" ... although ... I haven't taken apart the intake of the other project car recently, so I can't be 100% certain their isn't oil build up.   Aside from the space constraints, I would probably just recommend the Cosworth part instead, but they are harder to fit if you are rotated, etc.

So, you can see here that it replaces the oil filler cap.  This actually makes it hard to add oil unless you use a funnel.  I think that limitation should be noted as a con.

Here it is hooked up to the left side of the motor.  The two sides of the front vale cover ports are hooked to this line.  It is connected to the right port of the AOS.  Note: GrimmSpeed did not include this tee.  Consider this another con.  If you have a stock top mount, then the y pipe on top would be used instead.  Really?  Who has a stock top mount with the stock y pipe such that they don't need a tee?  GrimmSpeed maybe saved a buck or two in BOM.

Here it is hooked up to the crank case.  This is what is connected to the left port.

The front port here on the right valve cover is what is connected to the tee.  It is hard to see in the pic, but the place where the crank case used to vent to the intake is capped off.

The center port on the AOS connects back to the intake like this.

GrimmSpeed was super generous and provided an extra foot or two of heater hose.  Thanks guys.  I would have preferred you provided the tee connector I had to go buy.

I also repaired he hose on the far right.  Mine case cut for some reason.

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