Saturday, October 4, 2014

Project Domino: Short Shifter

We installed the Cobb short throw shifter the other day.  The cool thing about the Cobb part vs the rest, is that both the throw and the height are adjustable.  

If you want to see the details of how to install, you can check out Cobb's install guide.  Plus, there are probably 100s of YouTube videos as well.

The only odd thing that I would add is that they didn't include a fresh new bushing for the whole near the 'C', so I had to push out the old one an reuse it.  It got a little mangled in the process.  Also they didn't include any grease for the ball part, but I had some extra grease laying around from other parts.

Here is the old one with the cable removed.

The Cobb one in from the left side.

Here it is from the right side.

Also, some wiring progress has been made.

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