Saturday, October 11, 2014

Project Domino: GD Radiator Install

The new CXRacing radiator is in.  It was made for a GD chassis, but we talked about the differences before in a previous post.  Here is a picture on my GD chassised 2005 Saab 92x AKA Saabaru.  There is actually 5" or so more space between the radiator and the engine in the GD as compared to a GC8.

Note the lack of space in Domino.  Also the version 8 STI twin scroll header doesn't make it easier.

Since there isn't a lot of space, and this radiator is about 0.5" thicker than stock, we had to be creative.  First we ditched the awesome aluminum radiator shroud that we had bought for the project because it added 0.5-1" more thickness, and positioned the right fan right where the exhaust manifold is.  We put the fans directly on the core without the shroud using the included special zip ties included for this purpose.  We positioned the fans all the way to the top, and that was just enough to provide sufficient clearance.

Both fans affixed.

What the zip ties look like on the front of the radiator.

As you can see, there still isn't a lot of space.

Another angle.

We had to drill holes through the beam to get the brackets to work with the GD radiator.  We use the Perrin radiator mount..because it was the cheapest at wholesale .  We had to cut of a chunk of it to get it to fit the CXRacing radiator.  The next mod will be the Perrin logo delete sharpie mod.

Here is the hose installed.

The bottom radiator hose.

This is how you get the hose to fit.  In case you felt nervous to cut the silicone hose, it is fine.  It is super easy to cut with sharp razor blades.

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