Saturday, September 13, 2014

Project Domino: A Transmission Made Whole

We got around to replacing the extension case on the JDM 6-speed.  If you recall, the out put shaft part on the case was dented such that it impacted the seal's ability to seal in the oil.  We couldn't be 100% sure if it would be a problem down the road, but I feel better knowing oil will not be leaking out of the gear box.

If you recall this is what the dent looked like as posted up previously:

Here is the old case broken down:

Here is the replacement case with the internals swapped in:

A bead of Loctite sealant being applied:

Ever wondered what the DCCD looked like on the six speed?  Hint: it is the circular thing with a wire going into it.  I am not going to be buying the DCCD Pro for now, but I have been told that the DCCD will just run in automatic mode without it.

Here is the transmission sealed back up and ready to go.  Note: we also replaced the black seal on the end.  It would be silly to have to redo the whole job just to save a few bucks.

Next up, the transmission cradle will get reinstalled along with the drive shaft.  Note the Cusco transmission mount.  That should stiffen things right up.  That means the drive train is just about done. :)

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