Thursday, September 11, 2014

Project Domino: GC vs GD Radiators

When we were dismantling Domino, Teryn pointed out that the radiator that domino had was for an automatic.  Aside from the stock radiator being already kind of small, it just wouldn't do to have another chunk of it not being used because it was sectioned off to cool an automatic transmission.  I've bought a few expensive name-brand radiators for my 92x paying $300-400 just to have it crack at the welds a year or two later (I am looking at you Koyo).

This time we are trying out CXRacing radiators.  We have a wholesale account, if you would like us to order you some of their products by the way.  First we ordered a GC8 "turbo" radiator from them which is no longer available.  The stock radiator is something like 27.5-28" wide.  Their GC8 radiator was like 29"+.  It would have fit if it weren't for the AC lines.  Also strangely it had no real mount point on the top of the radiator, nor did it have a radiator cap.  I think this is what they meant by "turbo."  I will reserve judgement.  It might be possible that it would work fine for a real JDM 2000 STI (GC8), but basically it wasn't going to work for Domino.

Here is some pictures of the "GC8 turbo" radiator from CXRacing that we will not be using.

Here are the weird top mount points it had.

You can see here it is at least 1" wider than stock.

The welds at least look decent.

Since there aren't anymore GC8 radiators, we decided to just go with a GD radiator from CXRacing.  I was actually pleasantly surprised.  The quality looked to be about as good as the Koyo radiator I installed last time in my other car, but about $200 cheaper.  Time will tell if it also performs well.  I wasn't sure if the old stock fans would work with this radiator, so I just ordered with the aftermarket fans and shroud.  Stock is probably better in this case, but I don't have any extra stock GD fans.

Here are some pictures of the CXRacing GD radiator:

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