Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Getting the Engine Ready to Install

We decided that to day was a good day to get the engine off the old tire and on to the engine stand.  It was looking a little sad on the tire.

We were getting ready to install the Kinugawa twin scroll exhaust manifold, and we discovered two disappointing things: one of the runners on the right side was hitting both the oil pan and oil cooler, and the runners were actually about 3-5mm smaller in diameter than the stock manifold.  Why there would be fitment issues is a mystery to me since ostensibly this header is made precisely for JDM STI stock twin scroll engines like my version 8 ej207 motor.  We took it off and put the stock manifold back on.  We put the Kinugawa manifold in the corner to think about its short comings.

I snapped a pick of the OEM oil filter that was on the car when it was in Japan for posterity's sake.  Subaru PN 15208AA100.  After some quick searching on the Internet, these filters appear to be JDM only and are supposedly superior to the OEM blue filters.

I installed a cheap filter from O'Rilies that is intended for a USDM EJ205.  It seems to be fine.

Here is a close up of the Steam STX 71 twin scroll that we installed on the motor.

And then the STX 71 vs the stock IHI VF-37.

Here is the SteamSpeed silicone turbo inlet tube that will replace the smaller stock inlet.  FYI, the JDM STI stock inlet is larger that the USDM version.  I'll try to dig them up off of my shelf to show the comparison.

Wondered what the SteamSpeed AVCS oil feed lines look like?  Here it is installed on the Steam STX 71 turbo.

Here is a picture of the oversize intake ports of the version 8 ej207 heads to make USDM ej257 owners feel jealous.  :)

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