Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Domino Fender Rolling

Sorry for the gap in posts.  Too much work going on to make progress on my own car projects.  Next week should be better.

No doubt about it.  The GD STI suspension is a lot wider that the GC8's.  The wheels were sticking out at least 1/2" not to mention you need to run at least 17"x8" wheels to clear the Brembros which seem enormous compared to the stock 2001 RS wheels.  It looked like we were going to have a rub fest especially in the rear.  Time to break out the fender roller.  Anyone need Eastwood products?  We have a wholesale account with them now. :)  

Here is a starting picture.  Sorry, the angle doesn't how far out the wheels were sticking.

Here is the left side in progress.  

Here is the right side mostly done.  With a little camber adjustment, I think Domino will be rub free.  :)

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