Wednesday, July 16, 2014

And Now: Getting The Engine Ready to Install

As we wait for a new extension case for the transmission, we turn our attention to getting the motor ready for install.

Although I already bought new belts and timing kit, the exiting belts look almost brand new, so we are holding off on replacing the belts and timing components.

Here is the motor with the intake manifold take off.

Upon inspection, it doesn't look like we were going to be able to get the A/C compressor on the version 8 motor to work with the lines, etc. from the RS.  It was tempting to do an A/C delete.  Living in the NW, you don't really need the AC very often, but it is nice for July and August when it is actually over 80 degrees F.  Also this car my live in a hotter climate one day, so we pushed ahead and found a solution.  

An EJ motor is an EJ motor right?  In this case it worked out okay to be true.  We were able to take off the bracket and A/C compressor from the old EJ251, and install it on the JDM EJ207.  It is huge compared to the JDM compressor, but it fits.  

After that, we played with our new fuel rail kit.  Unfortunately the machined adapter peice is made for a manifold with TGVs and is not comparable with a JDM TGV-less manifold like the version 8 comes with.  So we will probably go back to using the stock fuel rails which are.....fine.

Pictured below are the SteamSpeed intake manifold gaskets that go between the block and manifold.  These not only seal like gaskets should, the also provide a degree of thermal barrier between the super hot block, and intake manifold, the idea being to reduce heat transfer to the aluminum manifold and the block thereby deceasing the charge temps.

The NGK R PFR76 pictured below are what was installed in the EJ207 we received.  I went a little colder with the BKR8EIX plugs.  In general, EJ207s use the same style of plugs the USDM EJ205s use.

Finally here are the set of Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors (ID1000).  We sell a ton of these, so we will be following our own recommendations with this build. :)

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