Monday, May 5, 2014

The Rear Is Coming Together

It is fun to to figure out how to put things back together when parts come for several different years and models.  Subarus are like Lego bricks...except when they are not.

We got the tank back in.  It is from a 2002 WRX, but it has a fuel pump assembly from a 2005 STI.

We pressed out some old subframe and rear dif bushings and added some new Whiteline parts.  We swapped the RS' old rear subframe for a JDM version 7 STI subframe that came complete with sway bars, lateral links, etc.  Who knew that a JDM version 7 STI rear suspension looked like a 05 WRX's?  Not me.  Also the version 7's lateral links are longer that the RS'?  Me neither.  Not realizing that version 7 rear suspension looked like the 05 WRX and not the 05 STI, wanted to use USDM 05 STI style suspension parts, so I swapped out lateral links for Whiteline parts.  This allowed me to use 05 USDM STI style endlinks from Perrin and swaybars from Whiteline.

Next I wanted to go 114 hubs/bearings, so I have spindles and trailing arms from a 07 USDM STI.

If you are moving to 5x114.4 hubs, ideally you use GC8 style rear coilovers for the tophats, and 2005-2007 STI style front coilovers because you need the larger receiving bracket.

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