Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Front Suspension & Brakes

Done and done!

I also got a replacement for the cracked timing cover on the left side. While we were in there, we inspected all of the belts and they more or less looked nearly new. I have new belts and timing kit for this project, but I think I will save them for later or perhaps for one of our other cars. Also, we did a compression test, 130 on all cylinders. We have a nice clean version 8 ej207; thanks JDM Racing Motors!  Part of me relishes the idea of doing a monster motor build, perhaps a 2.1 stroker, or perhaps bore out the block to use 100mm pistons and machine the heads, but the more practical part of me would feel sad breaking down a perfectly health motor. Besides, the version 8 should be built enough to run roughly 400 whp which should be fine if I run our Steam STX 67 turbo in twin scroll. If I go with our Steam STX 71 turbo, I may be pushing it. In any case, I will rebuild the motor whenever it comes to that.

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