Saturday, February 1, 2014

Domino Rebuild: Part 1 Post 2: SOO MANY WIRES!

For every YouTube post I see where someone fixes, replaces, or removes something from a car.
I want to punch them!
They always miss some detail or put the whole thing to rock music, they don’t really tell you anything! OR in the case of one video; they remove the dash and speed it up so it’s only a minute long!
Or there is the guy whipping the camera around so much you don’t see anything at all. I have extra air sickness bags if anyone wants one.
Already I can see we should be taking better notes. Full break downs of all this stuff for the people after us. The ones that think this is something they want to do in their garage… With mostly hand tools.
I do have to say I’m very pleased with our progress so far. It is now a wheel less, suspension less, drivetrain less, shell. Anyone panicked yet? Well you should be! Cars are not built to be this torn down. This is maybe farther than I took my motor cycle rebuild.

The whole rear sub assembly.

A second look.

If it wasn't flying before...

Look at all that room without a tire in there!

With all that out of the way, we need to get to main harness. SO out comes the dash… Wire-phobic should not scroll down.

The start of the dash getting pulled apart. 

Yeah... That's a lot of wires! 

This where we left it for the night.

We needed to get a special bit to get the airbag controller out of the car.

Night all

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