Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Project Domino: Fix the Tank!

Filed under the category of two steps back one forward, we have taken apart the rear end again.  Why you ask?  The gas tank isn't venting.  You could fill up 0.1 gallons at the pump before the filler neck fill up such that it would trip the full safety mechanism of the pump.  Although not critical to driving the car, it is annoying.

In this write up, the gutted the float that controls the tank venting.  I didn't see why it would be required since we swapped the whole STI tank assembly.  If anyone can clarify why this is required, it would be great.

Anyway, we took apart everything in the back to get to the tank.  For now, we have gutted the float.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Domino: Tune Take 2

Domino gets a tune.

Here is a picture for Domino's first tune at PRE in Portland.  It went down maybe 2 months ago now?  The end result was the header gaskets blew out.  I think it made something like 330 WHP.  With atmospheric correction for the day, it was something more like 346 WHP.

Since then we fixed her up and finished installing the DCCDpro.  Teryn took her back to PRE like a week or so ago to get a retune.  We made a bit more progress.  This was the final tune result on EJ207.  Maybe this is the best we can do on a stock EJ207.  It is 2.0l after all, but Erich (PRE's tuner) thought maybe it was being held back by fueling..like the fuel filter needs to be replaced.  Honestly I don't know how much of a difference that would make.

The great news is that the motor is super healthy.  I think the motor will need more attention though, if we are to make bigger numbers.  The turbo can get us there, but the 2.0l isn't flow enough in stock form.  Cams would help push the turbo more the tuner said.  I think 79mm crank could be in order as well. :)  But, for now, this is where she'll stay.

I haven't even really had much of a chance to even drive and enjoy the car in its current state.  It didn't seem to pull super hard in 1st, but it felt a lot crazier in all of the rest of the gears.  The CM chassis is fairly light after all. :)

Relevant Power Mods:
- Stock Version 8 EJ207 motor (JDM 2003 STI)
- Stock exhaust manifold
- Steam STX 71 Twin Scroll Turbo (59 lbs/min)
- Custom 3" turbo back catless exhaust
- Perrin Big MAF intake
- Custom FMIC with a huge bar and plate core
- SteamSpeed 3-port EBCS
- ID 1000 top feed injectors
- Walbro 255 lph fuel pump
- Stock fuel rails, etc.

Tune done at PREracing at Portland OR by Erich on 92 octane WA gas.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Exhaust Leak?

I think we figured out where the exhaust leak was.  We dropped the exhaust manifold to find this.  Those were gaskets from the Kinugawa manifold.  They looked good, but were actually garbage.  So I guess we know that both oil lines and gaskets leak from Kinugawa. :/  Unsurprisingly the 12 year old OEM gasket between the header and up pipe was a little rusty, but completely fine.  I will be replacing all of these gaskets with new OEM gaskets.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Unicorn Mod: Airbag Delete

Not normally seen on this side of the pond, what you see below is the rare LHD "airbag delete" mod.  USDM cars came with passenger airbags in their later GC8 cars.  EDM (European Domestic Market) cars did not.  Instead they had this extra dash glove box.

I was finally able to find a good source for these in Dubai UAE of all places with reasonable prices too.

For your reference, here are the Subaru Europe part numbers:
66203FC130 - REINF (UPR PKT) L
66203FC120 - REINF (UPR PKT) R

Sigh....there was no way around it; you actually have to take the the dash out to remove the airbag brackets and install the pocket.  Also, we ended up not using the reinforcement brackets.  They have to be riveted onto the back of the box, and I didn't have any rivets on hand that would work.  The 8 black screws to the dash seemed like more than enough to keep the box secure though.

Here is the dash back in.

Not pictured, but we wired up the DCCDpro to the JDM v6 STI cluster and removed the airbag error bulb on the cluster since it would always stay because there is no airbag computer or airbags for that mater in this car.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Domino's Tune at PRE

With the wiring all sorted out, it was time to get a tune.  I booked a tune a PRE in Portland.  There were a few minor build snags to start: there wasn't enough waste gate preload, and the EBCS vacuum lines were in the wrong order.  With those small items, Domino started building power.

But, it was not to last.  Shortly thereafter, Domino developed a nasty preturbo exhaust leak.  She did make it two 325 WHP on the dyno sheet and was on her way hit the 360-400 WHP range.  Note these are uncorrected numbers.  The atmosperic correction for the day in Portland was 106.8% if you care about that which means the real number would be about 347 WHP.

By the time I got Domino home, the exhaust manifold gaskets were destroyed, and there were only 2 bolts left keeping it on the motor.  We have new OEM bolts which we will apply with some kind of thread sealer next time with new OEM gaskets.  I hope that the manifold to up-pipe gasket does not start to leak, because I can't get an OEM one here in the US for the twinscroll manifold.

We also gave PRE an STX 71 for testing a while back, and it actually got tuned that afternoon as well.  PRE wanted to do a Steam STX turbo day!  The tuner got 370 WHP on the 2015 STI before he stopped.  He said there was probably about another 40 WHP left in the turbo, but he did not want to push the customer's stock block past 400 WHP.  He told me that he hasn't tuned another turbo that could make that much power on pump gas using a stock style inlet.  So, for corrected numbers that would be 395 WHP when he stopped, and 438 WHP with the power left on the table.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Two Steps Backward, One Step Forward

We went from Domino being for the most part buttoned up, to this.

The car was driving great, but we had two problems: OCV codes were thrown, and the ECU wasn't programming with EcuFlash.  OCV valves drive the AVCS cam timing system.  With the codes, we can't use the variable cam timing that AVCS provides.  The programming voltage was frustrating.  EcuFlash will not program if the voltage pin 11 is not exactly 12v.  We were reading like 11.2v.

What is the solution, take apart the wiring loom and figure it out.  That meant taking apart the interior again. :(  First redid all of the splices related to pin 11.  The voltage was still low.  Then we split open the whole loom.  Eventually (after a lot of looking) we found a black wire with a red stripe.  Confusingly the wiring diagrams say that it is both supposed to have 12v and also be grounded.  Eventually we found that there were two black and red wired in the loom, so one was supposed to have 12v, and the other was supposed to be grounded.  We figured out that the loose one was supposed to be grounded.  We grounded it, and just like that the ECU programmed!  Also, all of the OCV faults were gone too!


Now that all of the wiring is fixed, Domino can get a tune.  We are very near now to having Domino being a real fully functioning car.

Next up:
- Put the interior back together
- Get a tune
- Do the DCCDpro wiring
- Fix gas tank venting
The interior is back together, and now we back to where we started!  Notice the missing hole in the dashboard?  Hopefully I will be getting a EDM glove box from Italy soon.  :)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Project Domino:Getting the Old Girl Road Worthy

One of the first things that was lacking, was a good battery.  The old lead acid one, like maybe 10 years old, and long dead.  The dirty yellow top is also mostly dead and not up to the task.  You may have noticed I went with the Optima D51R this time instead of the normal sized battery.  It actually has plenty of cranking power, and weighs 10 lbs less.  I also am not planning to have a banging stereo in this car.

Ultimately the battery will be mounted in the trunk, probably in this spot, but standing up.

The green plug in the center is the flashing mode jumper from the 03 WRX harness.  As you may guess, it needs to be in test mode for the Tactrix cable, plugged into the OBDII, to read and write the ECU ROM.  We actually had a few problems getting it working in the first place.  Brydon actually had a bug in the write up, and a few of the pins were swapped in the OBDII connector.  Once we fixed that, the ECUFash tool was working perfectly.  

Still pending on the harness, are the AVCS solenoids are throwing faults, so maybe there is a nother bug?  Also the O2 sensor is reading 0.  Oh well, we are almost there.

Another large gap was the exhaust system.  Luckily I had an extra turbo back laying around from my other car that I could cut up and make work.  I also had a Kinugawa twin scroll bell-mouth elbow that they don't sell anymore.  I had to cut the single scroll elbow that was on there off, and swapped it for the Kinuagawa one.  Then the midpipe was shortened by like 1.5", and then the transmission brackets were adjusted.  Voila, I now have a custom turbo back that is compatible with a GM chassis and a JDM EJ207 twin scroll motor.

The other part of the story is that it was really hard to find a place that would work on a catless exhaust.  Even when I got there they didn't want to do the work.  Eventually I convinced them, doing the work, but reinstalling the OEM catted downpipe so that I would leave complaint with emissions.  They still charged me for installing a full turbo back all the same.  Then I just spend a few hours putting it back on later that night.

Next up, suspension setup.